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tonight I sat on the floor and listened to phil elvrum play songs in the dark.

At the end of the Mount Eerie show at the Vera Project, after the first half where he played without stopping along with some pretty videos projected on a wrinkly sheet but before a guy in the audience begged him to say Japanacortes, he told us about the book that he'd made and how much he wanted us to buy it even though it is expensive. "Find a way to make it happen" he said.

In the past, I may have mentioned that I was pretty sure that I'd do anything that Phil asked. And sure enough, there I was waiting by the merch table, finding myself taking out a check and handing it over for a copy if only as a little way of saying that I think that people should make beautiful things and produce them responsibly even if it means that the product is costly. It is a very nice book and it includes a very lovely album that I have no way of playing. [pwelverumandsun]


is it a vinyl record? you can come over to my house and play it.

your dodgeball said Mr. Eerie. and I thought that was funny.