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i am not a stuffed tiger.


Listening to a new CD, thinking about this from page 479 of Special Topics in Calamity Physics [$]: "I did a lot of lying on floors---childish certainly, but when one can lie on floors without anyone seeing one, trust me, one will lie on a floor."


I guess I'm going to have to go buy it now.

(The CD, not the book. I have the book! And I still haven't read it.)
the packaging is nice, but if you're not attached to having a material copy I could probably send the content your way.
Doesnt she know who you are? That publicist should have fedexed an advance copy with a personal note. She'll rue the day, you can count in it.
Did you like Calamity Physics? I'm 100 pages in and I just can't get into it so far.
I liked it well enough, but I think I liked the mid-beginning more than the end. Not exactly encouraging for you, I guess.
Ah well, I'll keep trying. I think partly it's because it's coming after Indecision which I instantly loved and finished in two sittings. Tough act to follow, etc.
yeah. I instantly loved Indecision, but it kind of fell apart for me toward the end. I feel like if I'd read it any slower than over a couple days I would have been less impressed.


I did not like that book but I like that quote.
one indeed will, won't one?
one can hardly avoid it.