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vanity headphones

Daring Fireball on features of the new iPod Touch:
"But, unlike the iPhone, the Touch has no hardware volume buttons, and it doesn’t have a play/pause/next-track clicker on the headphone cable." [df]

I am secretly happy that there's still some status in using the iPhone's included headphones to compensate for the less-than-stellar audio quality.

(and no, I haven't taken an x-acto to my other headphones yet because the "headphone clicker" is so convenient. Shure's solution to the problem is less than appealing since it involves carrying a miles-of-cable adaptor [#])


I might x-acto mine before my next flight. I'm glad that I held off because my old ones were experiencing some odd sound issues and Shure replaced them. Not sure if they would have been as happy to send me a new pair if they'd been modified.