josh (joshc) wrote,

I saw Wolf Parade on Saturday. They were great. The crowd sucked. Holy Fuck! may have stole the show

wolf parade

On Saturday I finally gave up any hope that my broken old DVD player would spring back to life and borrowed a FlexCar to make the journey to Northgate to find a replacement that fit the criteria of (1) not very expensive and (2) plays DVDs. Best Buy had far too many options tempting me to buy crap that I probably didn't really need; so I went upstairs and, already overstimulated by morning grocery shopping and driving, I was nearly crippled by the dueling priorities of exploiting the consumer wonderland of Target and needing to return the car. Luckily, one of the DVD players was on sale and satisfied my stringent standards so that I could go back home and watch a screener of Quiet City.

Then I saw Wolf Parade. They were great. The crowd sucked. Holy Fuck! may have stole the show. Siberian were good, too.

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