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flatstock purchase : carissa's weird

Every year, one of my favorite parts of Bumbershoot is Flatstock. I nearly died of happiness when I saw this Carissa's Weird poster from their CD release show in 2001 at Graceland. The whole festival was great, but I think that was one of the first few shows I ever saw in Seattle, and finding this artifact from it for only $20 would have been enough to make this year's Bumbershoot worthwhile.

I also found a nice Sufjan Stevens poster and one for the Arcade Fire's show at the Paramount last year. And no, I don't really have room for any of these.


i already know you love me

but if you really loved me, you'd give me that poster!

in all seriousness, what year was that? i can't tell you how many times i have listened to carissa's weird and gotten mad at myself for not going to see them sooner, even though i think you invited me several times. it maybe was that, or perhaps the one time ever the notwist came to seattle, that i didn't go because i had decided (almost, although not 100% (more like 99.8%) arbitrarily) that we were in a fight. i think this fight stemmed from something you said in my car on the way back from le pichet one sunday afternoon, probably after seeing john roderick. i have no idea what it was you said, but i'm sure a) it wasn't actually offensive/annoying and b) you weren't even saying whatever it was in seriousness.

i am dumb!

Re: i already know you love me

That show was from early 2001. Which is why it's so insane that they were still selling posters from it. Maybe they had just cleaned out their warehouse -- the odd part is that this one wasn't even designed or printed at Patent Pending; so it seems like even more of a Bumbershoot miracle.

I really should have just bought several of them, but I didn't have a ton of cash with me at Flatstock. I'll bet that if you called they might be willing to ship you one.

Re: i already know you love me

they don't seem to have a phone number, so i sent an email. i'm concerned that the answer is going to be "no," in which case you'd better not leave me unchaperoned in your apartment.