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Tried to pick up some free tickets to Dinosaur Jr. + Band of Horses show next week. It seemed that someone from Camel was trading pairs of tickets in exchange for participation in a lengthy survey or possibly agreeing to sign away the soul of a favorite grandparent, the exclusive rights to the royalties to a second born's hit single, and a commitment to smoke a tasty pack of cigarettes on the sopt. Alas, after waiting in a slow-moving line for about an hour, they ran out of the precious tickets. Although I'm excited to hear what Band of Horses has been up to since moving to South Carolina, I guess that I don't feel so horrible about not getting the chance to share a lot of personal data with a friendly neighborhood big tobacco representative.

The one other good part about standing around at Moe was getting to check out all of their old rock posters. One, for a free Radiohead show from the not-incredibly distant past, made me long for a time machine.
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