josh (joshc) wrote,

not recommended : presidential dollar coins

In principle, I like the idea of dollar coins. In practice, the new series of Presidential one dollar coins are hideous [usmint], the sort of thing that you'd expect if you handed the design responsibilities to a class of second-graders: the obverse images have the first four presidents cast as bloated zombies and toads, as if the portraits were made by using their disinterring remains as a source; the reverse is a bad clip art montage. The only marginally interesting aspect is the inscription on the edges.

I assumed that the whole program was a not so subtle attempt to get Reagan on a piece of currency, but the release calendar end with Ford in 2016. Maybe a rule against living figures on money is stopping the progression while Carter is alive?

If you hate the dollar coins less than I do, the Mint offers a screensaver.

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