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the only earth?

not recommended : presidential dollar coins

In principle, I like the idea of dollar coins. In practice, the new series of Presidential one dollar coins are hideous [usmint], the sort of thing that you'd expect if you handed the design responsibilities to a class of second-graders: the obverse images have the first four presidents cast as bloated zombies and toads, as if the portraits were made by using their disinterring remains as a source; the reverse is a bad clip art montage. The only marginally interesting aspect is the inscription on the edges.

I assumed that the whole program was a not so subtle attempt to get Reagan on a piece of currency, but the release calendar end with Ford in 2016. Maybe a rule against living figures on money is stopping the progression while Carter is alive?

If you hate the dollar coins less than I do, the Mint offers a screensaver.


your anger towards coins is making me LOL.
my hatred of them was stirred up again by trivia this wee when we missed a question about which one they were on (turns out it was Jefferson). This sent us (via iPhone) to the U.S. Mint page about them and we couldn't stop laughing at the horrible portraits and the prospect that anyone would want to use them as a screensaver!
I'm even more bothered that they think I will pay $35.95 for a roll of 25, so they make $11 of me, because???

I'm not a big fan of $1 coins. I tend to forget to use coins, except for laundry. I do the same thing when I travel, and end up with all the money I didn't know I had. All the more reason to give up on cash and just carry a debit card.

I'm looking forward to the Millard Fillmore coin.

I get pissed off anytime I receive a $1 coin. I don't like the idea of coins that I cannot shove into a machine in exchange for delicious chips. This is a very unflattering picture of James Madison:
Eh, Canada's one dollar coin (the Loonie), in circulation since 1987, isn't any better:

The two dollar coin (the "Toonie") is rather neat:

If you hold it one way it looks like a T-rex, if you hold it another way it looks like three penguins.

There's been talk of a $5 coin...

Australian's, as you might imagine, are pretty bitchin;.


Pound coins

In the UK pound coins were introduced in Mrs Thatcher's time and, for a while, were known as "Thatchers" - as in " thick, brassy, and thinks it is a sovereign"