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recommended (5-7)

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more recommendations:

  • alicedreger.com : One of my favorite professors from my undergraduate years (I took her course, "Faith and Reason in Western Science" and may have been the only atheist in the class), Alice Dreger uses the site to collect writing on her main research topic -- "improving the medical and social treatment of people born with socially-challenging bodies" -- as well as weblog posts bearing, among other things, excellent advice for academics, music recommendations, and interior decorating tips. I ran across her website after seeing her name in an article about J. Michael Bailey and the "corrosive effects of political correctness on academic freedom" [nyt]. Her scholarly account of the controversy is harrowing. [pdf]

  • Riot On an Empty Street. This Kings of Convenience album has been on moderately heavy rotation since July, usually on much-needed breaks from recent obsessions and when I need something good to listen to while writing. Particularly recommendable are the bookending perfect beginning plucked notes of "Homesick" and the part where Feist guest stars in "the Build Up" in the last track. I was glad to see that their wikipedia entry suggests that a new record is in the works.

  • leaving the office early after a string of annoying meetings, getting green tea frozen yogurt with fresh fruit on top, and working from home for the rest of the afternoon. Even when the neighboring building is undergoing loud construction.


Oh! One of my favorite undergraduate professors is a colleague of Alice Dreger's! We read Hermaphrodites in my "Gender and Science" class. Thanks to that book and a biology professor who liked going off on tangents and once gave a lecture on hermaphrodites across the animal kingdom (hermaphroditic birds are fascinating!), I've amassed quite a body of knowledge about hermaphroditism.

Unfortunately, I often want to share this knowledge with others, and then they make incorrect assumptions about me.