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birthday recap with too many parentheticals

at the cha cha
(more [flickr]; and here [flickr] and here [flickr])

Despite my severe indifference toward my birthday, things turned out to be super fun thanks to what turned out to heroic interventions by a bunch of friends. I spent Friday working from a cafes and, later, a sunny park where tubes toobs were swaying, rising, falling, and threatening to swallow-up the lazy adults who stretched out for naps at their periphery and the bold children who ran into the center of their undulating masses. It was a highly photographed art event (kind of disgustingly so).

Next, it was time to send Peter off to Sweden by way of California by way of a fancy Oregon mall, by way of having dinner at Presse. Then, one last trip in the mini to take Samantha and me to McLeod. We were the first people there, but Chris and Buster started on their evening of collaborating to make bizarre, sweet (and usually tasty) beverages for me to drink all night. Soon, people started filtering in -- with snacks! and paper crowns! and Devo videos! -- candles were extinguished before setting the place on fire, bright blue cocktails were consumed, and then we were hailing cabs and going to the Cha Cha. There, they were playing a lot of hip hop and people were dancing (or maybe it was just us), which seemed weird for the Cha Cha.

Eventually, we were cast out onto the street and lured into the park. Before the clock struck two, Buster and Joe sprinted off to the grocery store to buy bottles of champagne. The rest of us waited on the lawn, passing the time with games of duck-duck-goose (or as Minnesotans would say, "duck, duck, grey duck"), somersaults races, and maybe some yoga poses. Drinking ensued, followed by a walk up to the water features, where it turned out that the foam bandits had struck again [mb], making wading a even better evening ending adventure.

I somehow almost got arrested for joking about public urination (all the toilets were closed! but really, I'm far too shy for that sort of thing.). The police were really really grumpy (which is maybe understandable, but they don't seem to mind if people's pets pee in the park, do they?).


I spent Saturday feeling terrible, in bed and on the couch, watching a half-dozen episodes of the Sopranos, eating saltines, and drinking a lot grape juice (one of the benefits of living a few blocks from a grocery and a video store).


Today was fine. I caught up on a bunch of the work I thought I was going to finish on Friday.


That was the best spontaneous birthday ever!

So fun! Somehow I woke up in my bed with a super bloody foot! And, though I remember buying champagne, I never remember drinking any of it. But there was so much PBR floating about that I sufficed.
I think that the water feature isn't as amenable to wading as you'd expect. Luckily it was full of soap; so you probably avoided infection!
True... those square things are dangerous!

I was ready to take the taser for you... next time don't be so apologetic... tasers are fun!
Thanks for stepping into the line of fire to save me from the taser!

I really needed to find a bathroom, no time to fight with the police.
:( please don't invite tasering in my presence.
Sorry again I couldn't make it. I drove around for like 30 mins looking for parking, and by then it was the "time I told myself I'd start to leave the party so I could get a good night's sleep for tomorrow's race" so I just got sad and drove home. Sounds like I missed a fun party.
i can't wait to recreate this night when i'm visiting in october.

except the part of the police trying to taser you, i'd like to think that i'd be smoother; the truth is probably that i'd freak out and run away.