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you say party! i say die!

Against my better judgment and strong instincts to the contrary, I was convinced that I should at least nominally acknowledge the existence of my birthday. To this end, if you're in Seattle on Friday night please stop by McLeod Residence on Friday night to say hello, look at some biomimetic butterflies, and make faces for the photobooth.

Click here if you're the RSVPing sort [evite]


when I follow the link it says I already replied. that evite is a liar.

anyway, count me in.
sorry. I don't understand the mysteries of evite. Maybe you have to use that page to invite yourself?
I think the link you provided is some unique link to your own invitation, so it automatically logs us in as you. The public link should be:

thanks! I'll fix the post so as not to accidentally invite myself forty-eight more times.
I will be out of town. Happy Birthday though!!