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ticket alert : arcade fire in seattle

Hi Seattle -- You might be interested to know that pre-sale tickets for the Arcade Fire + LCD Soundsystem show on 24 September just appeared online [arcadefire.tickets.musictoday.com]. You need to become a member to buy them, but service fees and shipping costs are relatively low.

Otherwise, Ticketmaster starts selling them on Friday morning.


oooh. thanks!
jeeze, they are expensive! are you going?
i thought the same thing! plus. hec ed!
i bought mine, but i'm still deciding if I'm going or not. I doubt they'll be difficult to get rid of.
yeah. neither the venue nor the price is ideal, but for now I'm planning on going. I have a feeling that it will sell out on Friday; so having a couple tickets ahead of time (and not paying ticketmaster for the privilege) isn't much of a liability.
I'm leaning towards going, now that I have the tickets. I'd rather have the option to choose. Thanks for the tip!
I agree. Unless something monumental comes up, I'll be there. It's kind of sick that this will my third times seeing these bands this year alone though.
Ha ha, I bought some too thinking, "well I can just sell them I guess."
I know! very pricey (esp. since i've seen both bands twice this year already), but I'm pretty sure I'll be going.
Awesome. I'm going.
Where are they playing at?
Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion

Thanks Josh!

I'm going. I'm really psyched! Thanks so much for the heads up!

Maybe we can prefunk at my place? I don't know, will work out closer to the show.

Re: Thanks Josh!

no problem -- plenty of time to work out a pre-show plan...