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listen to girl talk

... speaking of things to download, you should probably get a copy of Girl Talk's set at the Capitol Hill Block Party [iamserio.us] at your earliest convenience. I was severely disappointed that I didn't make it into Neumo's due to overcrowding and surly security guards, but this sort of makes up for missing the real thing.

(FWIW, I think that his live sets are better than the albums.)


The site linked to in the comments you (?) posted there is a parked domain.
ack! i thought it was supposed to autorenew.

Track #41 samples Nirvana. I wonder if it was intentionally for Seattle? I guess I've heard other performances that involved him covering a different Nirvana song. I still get all sad when I hear Nirvana. :(
I've read that he sometimes does a live cover of "Scentless Apprentice". This is a bit of audience chatter from his previous show in Seattle:
"... so what's up in Seattle? are you guys over Nirvana? Because in Pittsburgh it's just starting to catch its stride this year. What do you think?I do a nirvana cover every once in a while. I try to not do it anymore but this is my first time ever in Seattle. Is this like ... Is fucking Tad [?] going to come up and beat my ass after I massacre this song? Is Tad in the house [?] ... about two minutes more of dancing then get fucking depressed because I'm going to play a Nirvana song. And whoever's down after this, let's carpool to the muddy banks of the Wishkah -- I wanna light a thousand candles. I'm not even fucking around, I really like Nirvana." [27 January, Chop Suey. Taped by iamserio.us, track #23]
I think I have that recording, because he does do the cover at the end.
the wikipedians have tried to document all of the samples on Night Ripper, there's a little bit of "Scentless Apprentice" on the record, too.