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i never anthropomorphize machines

you might be wondering what I've been up to all day.

Here it is: last night just as I was about to start typing furiously to complete my paper, my computer decided that it was unhappy. It was so displeased with its existence that it fell into a deep coma. I tried to resuscitate it by switching the batteries around. though there was an occasional glimmer of life, it refused to return to consciousness for more than a few minutes.

Rather than mourn its passing, I thought I'd just go to a public computer lab. However, Saturday night is not the best time for public labs. Neither, for that matter is Sunday morning. It is reassuring that the University encourages its students to have social lives complete with hangovers.

I did some writing on actual paper (!) last night. This morning I went downtown to my office where there are many computers and few people. I was actually surprised to find anyone else around. One of the people (Nick) cooked brownies in the toaster oven. Very clever.

I've made progress and might actually finish before the due date.

The real question is whether I'll be able to go home in time to indulge my tv-habit. The final nail gets put in the x-files coffin tonight. I feel obligated to watch.

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