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in like with you?

leave a comment if you've been waiting for a chance to be on iminlikewithyou. I'd forgotten about it, but they just gave me some extra invitations.

(all gone. ... now if only someone would send me a pownce invite)


(4 left)

have fun!
sure, i'm intrigued


(3 left)

you're in.
sure, why not?

(2 left)

you're invited.


like, like me do

Um, I heard this was a interesting site, but currently invite only...ebowgren@yahoo.com

PS Josh, I'm in like with you because you know the coolest stuff to do around town and you never seem to sleep.

(1 left)

aw, thanks.

Perhaps you could spare me an invite? ktjlm@yahoo.com

I'm always on the lookout for new, cool sites.

(0 left)

check your e-mail!

You missed out on Dylan's invites?
i'm now coveting an invite to asmallworld.net.
I'm realistic to know that one's beyond my reach.



um, are you still looking for a pownce invite? 'cause i have five.

--rakka d.

Re: pownce

thanks. someone else sent me one, though I still don't quite get pownce.