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today I went to work and wrote a bunch of SQL queries for the data cleaning project. I am getting close to being done with all of this SPSS to Access stuff. At least with the first uninteresting re-writing stuff. This is very exciting in it's own lame way.

I'm also pretty well on my way to being done with my thesis proposal. The joy continues. I need to just circulate it around for some more comments.

Tonight I thought that I'd be cool and order my incredibly expensive textbook from Barnes and Noble using some Xmas gift cards. HOWEVER, it seems that these lovely little pieces of plastic are good only at actual stores. These stores don't carry the textbook, and it takes a ridiculously long time to ship to the store (5 weeks, vs 1 day from the web site). There is some intricate process for converting the cards to online certificates, but I'm not sure that I'll do it.

I also found out that the weird noise that my mp3 player makes when charging isn't really such a good thing. I'll probably need to buy some better charger at Radio Shack to keep it from exploding.

Other than that -- I think that I'll be a homebody tonight and read some more Moby Dick. I'm sure that I'll have no time to finish it once classes start next week.

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