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whining about a children's book

I had the best intentions of waiting for my recycled paper British spellings edition with an "adult cover" of Harry Potter to arrive from amazon.ca before I started reading, but now that I hear rumors and spoilers are running rampant on the internet and embargo-breaking book reviews are flooding newspapers (the NYT! et tu, Kakutani?) I suspect that I will be unable to wait and might have to just buy a local copy to start reading it over the weekend.

Thoughts of dragging out the experience also are seeming more and more naive, unless I'm willing to just turn off the internet for a week.


We're going camping this weekend and I was freaking out for months about how I was going to get a book in the wilderness because I knew if I waited until I got home I would hear the ending and be pissed as hell. Luckily Jason spent many hours doing internet searches and found a tiny bookstore only a few miles from the campground - this was practically a miracle since the store has no website. They're only getting in 8 copies, but I was still able to reserve one. Apparently people in northern MI don't read.

And I couldn't believe it when I saw that review in the NYTimes! I almost read it too, but then realized that would be a very stupid thing to do.

Enjoy reading this weekend!
That sounds all around awesome. Camping in Northern Michigan and reading Harry Potter in the great outdoors all on the same weekend!
you're funny. Did you hear that Ron dies????

Just kidding!

kidding not allowed!!

Harry Potter is serious business.
To be fair, I don't know what spoilers are out there. Headlines on gawker, slog, and nyt looked suspicious and I've been vigilantly avoiding.
i'm really amused that people (not you specifically, saw a story about it) would get so upset that a book reviewer might actually do their job. it's just like any other book!
I'm not annoyed that there's a book review per we, just that it is (alledgedly) in violation of the embargo. I mean, what would it hurt to publish the review on Monday?
and why is there a need for an embargo? how is this book so super-special that such a ridiculous concept came up? there are thousands of books getting published that presumably have some twist or surprise. the editor felt like running the review. such is life.
embarges are common in all sorts of publishing.


a) some people just don't understand

b) in e.w. Stephen King wrote a piece about the ending of HP (very good if you haven't read it). In this he stated that not even he, "your uncle Stevie", can get an advanced copy of the book! So how is it that Kakutani (or whoever wrote the nyt review) was able to procure one? Stephen said that he has to wait in line at midnight like the rest of us.

c) i told steve not to turn on the news this morning. i am sequestering myself in the house with dvr'd episodes of the World Series of Pop Culture and fastforwarding all commercials. i can't help it. book #5 was ruined for me and . . . i just can't take it

d) my friend sara did read the nyt review, and she said that there aren't any spoilers but you can read between the lines, so to stay away from it

e) i agree, it could have been published on monday. . . for crying out loud!