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harry and the potters

We saw Harry and the Potters at the Seattle Public Library on Friday. This weekend Salon covers wizard rock:
It's hard to figure out where the cult of Harry Potter fans will go after the series ends. The wizard-rock bands are hedging their bets. "I think a common trend among wizard rockers is that we don't really worry too much about the future," Kristina [of the parselmouths] declares. "We just like to rock out today, and if things are going good, then we'll rock out tomorrow as well." Joe from the Potters says that they've played the continental 48 states and have achieved their "manifest destiny," while Paul says, "We're excited to see how the last book works out, and that will probably present us with a better idea of how to wrap up our little project. Our ideal way of ending things would be to have our final show be in J.K. Rowling's backyard ... It would provide a sort of poetic closure. I think she'd dig it." [salon]
As always, their show was incredibly fun. Books melted off the shelves; there were multiple singalongs; a girl was so overcome with the power of the music that she fainted; balloons, bubbles, and jumping up and down accompanied the finale.

After the show, we went to the Can Can, watched the bartender make fancy drinks, and speculated about the next book (here, I realized that I didn't remember many details from the previous one). I'm filled with anticipation and dread to find out what happens. I can't imagine what it's like for the kids who actually grew up with this series.

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