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Road trip

(from a minivan filled with six people on the way to La Conner after brunch)

Some things spotted: Canadians, Semi truck with imagined dancing partiers in the trailer, horses, a van with an "I ♥ MY [cartoon image of a sheep]" bumper sticker, fields of fuzzy wheat intersected by pathways, a fence with the word "Tetris" written on it in graffiti style, an airplane making dazzling nosedives against the hilly backdrop, nightmarish traffic near Everett, a pack of motorcyclists stopping at a fruit & fresh seafood market to eat giant ice cream cones, cows, beautiful rolling farmland.

In town: the Museum of Northwest Art, cutiepants downtown, penny-flattening machine, sunny patio, a shrimp cocktail sunday SUNDAE.


shouldn't it be spelled SUNDAE?
of course. but it was a sunday sundae.