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summer update

lake michigan

Back in Seattle after an extra long Independence Day "weekend" (does Wednesday-Sunday count as weekend) family vacation in Michigan where I didn't do much other than sitting by lakes, reading, and acquiring a couple weird sunburns after overestimating the protection of the shade.

Last night, I engaged in some heatwave avoidance by seeing Transformers. It was not good (so much was wrong with it, but the main problem was too many people, not enough robots) and yet not awful enough to be a entertaining failure, but I pretty much knew that I needed to see it. Here's hoping that tonight's viewing of Harry Potter is less disappointing.

I'm having trouble not listening to "Kid Gloves" from the new Voxtrot CD at least a couple times a day. It's pretty great for summer, like a rock and roll teddy bears jumping on the bed slumber party. [mp3]


summer movies

I also hated Transformers. With a passion. It was the worst movie I have ever sat through. OMG.

Now, HP5 was actually pretty decent. As a "rabid" fan, I loved it. However when talking to Steve, who hasn't read the books but enjoys the movies, I found that it really had no plot. He compared it to an "Empire Strikes Back" or something where it just sort of exists to move the main storyline forward, and I agree. There was a lot of plot in the book, but not the movie. But overall it was a great pic, and IMAX 3D did not disappoint.

Re: summer movies

Yeah, I loved HP5 (but I've liked all of them, really). It might even be my second favorite of the series so far.

I'm not sure that I agree about it having no plot, but it did seem like the party about Snape and the occlumancy came in pretty late. I remembered it as being a bigger part of the book and something that gave the whole thing more of an overriding story that led up to the big finale.
How funny that you both disliked it so much. I wonder what it says about me that I didn't hate Transformers at all? In fact I thought it was kind of funny and it was far better than I expected, so I enjoyed it quite a bit. The robots were excellent (although there definitely should have been more robot screen time) and I liked Shia. I think part of it was that we were in with a crowd of teenagers who were crazy for the movie and that was sort of infectious...they were yelling at the screen and pointing things out that they'd missed when they'd seen it the day before. It was pretty hilarious actually. I think Jason, who has been waiting for this movie to come out forever, didn't love it as much as he'd hoped to, but he didn't hate it either.

Ever since we saw it I have been minorly obsessed with wanting my car to be a robot. I think he would be cute and small and have a British robot accent. He's not cooperating at all though.
yeah. I guess that I didn't hate it, but my expectations might have been wrong. The robots just didn't seem to me the main characters and the action scenes weren't as phenomenal as I thought they would have been. All of the fights and chase scenes felt too "closed in" and kind of confusing. And Shia making out with Karen Fox on top of his new buddy robot at the end? Kind of creepy, no?

After the movie, I also felt a little suspicious of all of the cars on the road! I got a ride home in a convertible Mini; so that was kind of like a transformer, except without the British accent!

Yeah, the making out part was super gross. People shouldn't make out on top of their friends, even if those friends are robots who seem creepily fine with it. And I agree that the action sequences weren't what I had hoped...but the robots themselves were pretty awesome. I guess the more I think about it the more complaints I have, actually, but in the moment I really enjoyed it.

A convertible Mini would be great...I thought about getting one, but then figured that wasn't really the most practical. If only I'd thought of the Transformer aspect at the time, I would have just gone with it. This is reminding also of how at one point I wanted to turn the minivan into a convertible. I figured I could cut the top off and then engineer a convertible cover, but I never got around to it before it became Morgan's.
we must have been at harry potter at the same time!!!! but I didn't dodgeball. :'(


oh well. there were two theaters and the rest of my group showed up late; so we ended up in the second row. Being super close to the screen was actually pretty o.k.
"too many people, not enough robots" made me laugh so, so much. Words to live by!