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summer update

lake michigan

Back in Seattle after an extra long Independence Day "weekend" (does Wednesday-Sunday count as weekend) family vacation in Michigan where I didn't do much other than sitting by lakes, reading, and acquiring a couple weird sunburns after overestimating the protection of the shade.

Last night, I engaged in some heatwave avoidance by seeing Transformers. It was not good (so much was wrong with it, but the main problem was too many people, not enough robots) and yet not awful enough to be a entertaining failure, but I pretty much knew that I needed to see it. Here's hoping that tonight's viewing of Harry Potter is less disappointing.

I'm having trouble not listening to "Kid Gloves" from the new Voxtrot CD at least a couple times a day. It's pretty great for summer, like a rock and roll teddy bears jumping on the bed slumber party. [mp3]

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