josh (joshc) wrote,

the week in dodgeball

"in the bowl, hilarious vegetarian items" --monday

I think this means that I was at work all day, including a return to the gym, then some good/weird/spicy food from the thai vegetarian restaurant. I find that the weirdness is minimized by not ordering the fake meat products.

Maybe I also watched more of the third season of Deadwood. How were there only twelve episodes? I want more.

" " -- tuesday

Forgot to check-in at the BalMar where we tried their trivia. Not much of a crowd, but we still came in second place by a single point.

"Smith Fending off nicknames and salmon // liberty Whiskey, cocksucker! Fuckfaces, too. --wednesday"

On campus for a short course, followed by a couple hours in the sun on the Ivar's dock for happy hour. Back at home for a little while, then drawn into a pub crawl when the parade made it too close to my apartment to resist. Another visit to Smith, where I was informed that there were too many people named josh and that nicknames might be in order. In addition to resisting this campaign, I think I was also fending off a piece of trout that smelled like a campfire. At one of the large communal tables, a game of "would you rather be a fuckface, shithead, cocksucker, or douchebag" provided an opportunity to talk to strangers. Surprisingly, there was always one douchebag.

Later, whiskey at Liberty, where I had another opportunity to share the joy of that man bites cat bites man picture.

"McLeod Residence // Pony is the old cha cha except with gay porn instead of velvet paintings and forgiving red lights. Hott." --thursday

More short course on campus, then the closing party for Disconnects at McLeod. Earlier this month, the old Cha Cha moved up the hill before the whole block torn down for condoification this fall. The abandoned space has been temporarily taken over and gayed-up for the summer. Despite the changed decor (and/or perhaps because our delegation was a substantial proportion of the population), it seemed not all that much different. Neighborhood habits die hard.

Kissing, flailing about in the style of a frightened bird, more drinking, staying out later than intended ensured a painful Friday morning wake up and trek to class.

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