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iphone hypemania returns

The iPhone is going to cost ~ $60 / month for a plan that, outside of the stingy 200 SMS messages, looks pretty appropriate for my telephone-averse ways; and two fancy reviewers [nyt, wsj] seem to be giving it their blessed seals of approval with the caveats that AT&T's data network is terrible and that the first version of the iPhone won't be upgradable to the faster network while the next version probably will.


So are you in? I'll be waiting in line all day at an as-yet-undetermined store, so if you want to join up at the last minute and get a phone, let me know...
I'm feeling closer to being in, but am haunted by questions of how long it will take them to release version 1.1 with 3G antennas.

On top of that, I really can't camp out for one on Friday. I'm taking a short course at the UW all day; so I'll see if I can catch up with you before they start handing out wristbands. Otherwise I'll have to press my luck over the weekend or through the online apple store.
This is why we can't have nice things. ;-)
shoddy late generation razrs be damned, iphone is so pretty that it's worth paying now.
This could be totally off (well, you're a smart boy & will take this with a grain of salt), but I read in Radar's Sindex that an iPhone will cost $3,000/2 yr contract all told. Yipes!

Me, I'm content with my strung cans & smoke signals. OK...I actually have a phone that is so small, my friends refer to it as my Jeffrey's cell phone.
I think that it depends on the cell phone plan. For the smallest number of voice minutes, I think the calculation looks like:

($60/month * 24 months) + $500/phone + $36 activation = $,1976/2 years

the phone is about 25% of the total 2-year cost; not unsubstantial, but also not outrageous.
also, my sidekick2 is feeling ancient (unresponsive navigation buttons, scratched screen, two generations old); so I'm getting desperate for an upgrade of some sort and would be likely to be paying a couple hundred dollars for a new handset.


I want one. . . but I just upgraded for a new phone for Steve's plan. . . long story. I'll have to wait for the upgraded one that comes soon.

I do have to say that although I am a loyal (bellsouth then cingular now) at&t customer, I'm disappointed lately w/dropped calls. But you probably won't mind since that will give you a reason to stop talking to whoever called you!!!

Re: iphone

but at&t claims the fewest dropped calls! how can they possibly lie?

I think that their network is decent in Seattle because that's where at&t wireless started long long ago under a different name... Anyway, you're right about me and phonecalls: I'll take any excuse not to talk on the telephone, even if it's a shoddy wireless network!

Re: iphone

So did you get one?? Sorry, I haven't been keeping up with lj. I know that I passed a cingular (sorry, at&t) store that day and the line was forever!!

Re: iphone

yeah. I didn't engage in any of the massive queueing to get one. Instead, I went in on the Monday after they were released and managed to grab the last one at the Apple store. So far, so good.

Re: iphone

That's awesome.