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a guy biting a cat biting a guy (or perhaps IN UR MOUTH BITIN" UR TONGUE)

I like this picture from the table of contents for the issue of Vice [#] at our table at Liberty today way way too much.

We were trying to go to Smith, but they didn't open until 4. On top of that, the only way to get mimosas at Liberty was to bring our own orange juice.

There was also something about fake fingernails, but that was optional.


not quite as exciting: a woman biting a dog that's biting its own tongue [jpg | vice]


This picture has been on our fridge for a while. It looks a lot like our cat - so people always ask if that's our cat. And we say yes. And then say no.

Hey we'll be in Seattle in the end of July. Let's hang out!
your cat is such a closet neocon hipster.

yes. let me know when you're in seattletown.