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away message

I was evicted from our apartment in the Latin Quarter earlier than expected this morning due to some minor miscommunications with the landlord. After hastily showering and packing up my belongings, I left in search of coffee and croissant to fuel an afternoon at the Centre Pompidou looking at modern art and briefly using the public wifi at their cafe. Now that I've returned from a break to find delicious falafel in the Marais, I'm back for a little more browsing. Then, it's back to claim my luggage for an overnight train to Berlin.


Is that falafel from the guy selling out of the window in the Jewish Quarter? That's the best falafel on earth.
yes! I think so -- L'as du Fallafel on Rue des Rosiers at Ecouffes, across from the bakery.
Yep! With the eggplant and carrots and cabbage and cucumber... it puts all other falafel attempts to shame.

Why is travel blogging stupid? Are you going back to Paris?
No (or not very soon at least). I'm flying back to the U.S. from Amsterdam next week.

I don't really think that travel blogging is stupid. It was more that I had a few hours left in Paris; so it seemed kind of silly to fritter away the afternoon typing a long entry into my livejournal.