josh (joshc) wrote,


SIFF opening galaTwo days into SIFF and two good-to-recommendable movies -- Son of Rambow and Red Road. I guess I've really seen three, counting the press launch with Moliere, which was fine, but probably nothing that I would ever tell someone to see. Last night's opening gala was fun, in an 80s theme prom mixed with garden wedding reception plus open bar and small cupcakes sort of way. Break out the world's tiniest violin as I mention that I'm a little sad to be missing a huge chunk of the festival on account of a day at the Gorge for Sasquatch tomorrow followed by a couple weeks in Europe.

On that subject, I still have some travel-related shopping to squeeze into the weekend agenda. I tried to accomplish some of this today, but the downtown big box retailers failed me time after time.
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