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tv math

season finales:

LOST > 24 + Heroes

(given the blandness of the right side of the equation, I realize this isn't saying much)


I heard that was true but I missed them all.
i only watch lost of those three, but i dunno. i feel they could have done so much more.

i will never accept anything they give me at face value. i see the ending as one possible reality among many possible realities, you know what i mean? it's never ultimate truth, just one side of it.

that, and i think all apparitions are jacob. remember the horse and the hog and christian and walt? all jacob. srsly. think about it.
I agree about '24'. I almost wanted to stop watching it this season. Though word from the Fox camp is that all of the executives and producers of the show were pissed at how lousy this season has turned out, and (so they say, anyway) this has lit a fire under the writers' butts to really come up with something stunning for season 7. They better, or they may lose me. And if they lose me, they're going to lose a lot of other people, too, because my loyalty to that show is almost irrational.

Heroes, I thought, had a very satisfying ending. Kind of a weird fight at the end. Nikki just steps in for a minute and whacks him with the parking meter. And Sylar isn't able to stop the parking meter or Hiro's sword, but he is able to stop all of Parkman's bullets? Seems kinda selective and serves the needs of the plot. Also, I was expecting more super powers at the end. Why wouldn't there be in any showdown between a shitload of superheroes? The almost-showdown between future-Peter Petrelli and future-Sylar in the "5 years in the future" episode was badass looking (when they're in the hallway and their hands both start to glow). That's kinda what I was expecting. But on the whole I enjoyed it very much.

I just made a post about the Lost finale. Go read it and give me your thoughts.

I parsed as:

LOST: 24 Herpes