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i am not a stuffed tiger.

meow meow meow

LOLCATS get the analytic slideshow on Slate:
No one knows who put the first cat picture on the Internet, but they have since become an unstoppable, mutating force. ... The cat you are gazing at is known as Happycat. He or she is the inspiration for the Web site I Can Has Cheezburger?, which started in January. The site collects and tags examples of lolcats, i.e., laugh-out-loud cats, the latest Internet humor boomlet. [slate]
The slideshow, in addition to highlights of the genre, also is packed full of amazing links to theories on lolcat grammar and to an lolcat builder [kscakes].

Goodbye Wednesday afternoon.


I feel old and dumb saying this but I sort of don't understand the lolcats. and the ones that really confuse me are the bucket ones. What bucket? ALSO...why do some people call them "macros"? I thought macros were the weird things in Word documents that always give you warning messages about viruses. The internet is so confusing!!!!

I like the term "lolcat" though. I say it "lollcat," not Ell-oh-ell cat. lolcat lolcat lolcat.
I think the bucket talk stems from this:


more [slate]
slate on "macros":
The lolcat phenomenon grew out of "image macros" that are used on message boards. Not long ago, message boards were quaint text-only conversations. Now, the threads on free-for-all sites overflow with images with embedded remarks such as "Moar!" (I like your comments, let's hear more), or "Owned!" (the person who replied to your comment has devastated you with his or her wit), or, my favorite, a white owl that asks "O RLY?"

that is, I don't get it either.
thank you for the enlightenment. I will have to watch the lolcat slideshow when I get home from work. I don't want to be caught lolcatting in the office.
Yeah, I was going to say that "laugh-out-loud cats" was the most bizarre part of the entire article. Folk etymology for the 21st century!
I check icanhascheezburger everyday! Oh, lollcatz. They bring me joy.