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There was one surprising day of summer called Monday and after work and the unsurprisingly bad chinese food that I picked up on the way home it seemed the only thing to do was to enjoy the great outdoors in the company of some adult beverages. The patio at Linda's was the place to be, after biding some time at the bar we found a table and some old friends who I hadn't seen in a while.

Eventually, it was time to head over to see Explosions in the Sky. I saw them i the midday sun at Coachella and they were great, but in the close quarters of Neumo's with fans spilling out of the club for for a much anticipated headlining set was also pretty phenomenal. It also allowed for t-shirt purchasing.


Yesterday I went to Elliott Bay to hear Amy Fusselman. I got there late, and she looked different from the author pic on the Pharmacist's Mate so so I spent a few minutes wondering if I'd stumbled into the wrong reading. Then her book also turns out to be a little bit about being raped as a child. But also about being obsessed with a capella Beastie Boys song, the type of stories that are believable and what that means about our perceptions of childhood, joy, and monster trucks. At the end, she got volunteers to come from the audience to karaoke to paraphrased Beastie Boy lyrics while video of monster trucks and Japanese schoolchildren played in the background. It was kind of amazing.

There are about a hundred books that I wanted to buy (new Murakami! new Miranda July! new Amy Fusselman! new Jonathan Lethem!) but I restrained myself. I have many other things to read and if I get new stuff, all of it will sit unread on my nightstand.


Today, meetings and a bunch of simple errands each took three times longer than expected.

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