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arctic monkeys
Where did this week go? I guess I spent all day Monday in transit and most of Tuesday catching up. Follow with a doubleheader of high energy rock shows. First, a YACHT + LCD Soundsystem, looking sad to get extra tickets on the sidewalk, all sorts of writhing sweaty bodies, then to the Alibi Room chilled and clammy. Next, McLeod happy hour followed by Arctic Monkeys and Shorty's. Mix that in with fending off the sort of cold that I manage to pick up every time I step on an airplane, first Friday, and my ambitions for catching another show tonight just lost to the allure of my couch and a ripped from the headlines episode of the original Law & Order and some NyQuil.

I know, I know. But tomorrow's Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, Andrew Bird, and 35 hours of SAM.

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