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urb's coachella oral history is excellent, their website is beta


While lounging in the shade between bands, someone from Urb magazine passed out their special Coachella issue. The whole thing is excellent, but their "oral history" section [#] was especially good, with choice quotes from a lot of the people who have made it happen for the past eight years. (and Danny Devito). This, about Daft Punk's set last year is among my favorites:

Paul Tollett: I tried every year since 1999 to get Daft Punk. That was a last-minute fluke, and why our ad was late. I told their manager, “Here’s how it would be. It’s going to be in the dance tent, and it’s going to be legendary. I’ll do anything I need to do. Tell me what we need to build. Anything.” They put that whole pyramid thing together. But it took a lot of money to get that going. The cynic in you thinks, “Well, maybe we offered too much money.” But I realize what it was. We offered enough for them to make the pyramid, and that’s what it was all about. They spent every single dime on that production. They walked away from that show without a dollar from what we paid them. That’s true art. [urb]

Speaking of other publications, in addition to scoring an awesome condo, driving me to and from LAX, and wrangling a shiny silver wristband for me, Whitney blogged the festival silly for EW at Popwatch [1,2,3,4,5,6]. Other condo roomie, Alex, took a few nice behind-the-scenes photos [ew].

There's also the coverage from the Desert Sun [#]. Always interesting to read the hyper-local take on the festivities.

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