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beach, outside

endorsement : neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunblock


Back in Seattle after the long superfantastico Coachella weekend without even a hint of sunburn as a souvenir. I attribute the preservation of my ghostly pallor in the face of three days outside in the desert heat to the best sunscreen ever.

Thanks, Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock! You delivered on your promises of "ultra light clean feel", were just as "non greasy" as advertised, and did "leave skin soft and smooth." I wish you existed in something less than a 55, but even when you were melting off my face in the sun or sweaty tents, you were keeping the evil sunlight away.


does it actually make a difference? I thought that anything above 30 was about the same because most sunscreen would melt or rub off before it got to the point where higher SPF would come into play.
Well once you get to the higher spf's it's not so much about higher protection as it is longer lasting...it won't break down as quickly.