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beach, outside

endorsement : neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunblock


Back in Seattle after the long superfantastico Coachella weekend without even a hint of sunburn as a souvenir. I attribute the preservation of my ghostly pallor in the face of three days outside in the desert heat to the best sunscreen ever.

Thanks, Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock! You delivered on your promises of "ultra light clean feel", were just as "non greasy" as advertised, and did "leave skin soft and smooth." I wish you existed in something less than a 55, but even when you were melting off my face in the sun or sweaty tents, you were keeping the evil sunlight away.


That is my daily sunblock...in SPF 30, dude. QFC.
I had to buy it in Palm Springs because I couldn't remember how many ounces of liquid I could carry onto the plane. They only had 55 and above!
SPF 55?!?! I have got to find some of this sunscreen. I am constantly on the search for something in the 45+ range that isn't gross smelling, greasy, or made of babies, so this sounds like it might just be the new winner!
we make it in an spf 70 version too.
does it actually make a difference? I thought that anything above 30 was about the same because most sunscreen would melt or rub off before it got to the point where higher SPF would come into play.
Well once you get to the higher spf's it's not so much about higher protection as it is longer lasting...it won't break down as quickly.
I have seen it sold with SPF up to 75! Which I think is crazy, but it seems entirely free of greasy babies; so it might be a winner.
hahah i used to work at neutrogena developing that formula. We just came out with an SPF 70 version. If you ever can't find it the Aveeno sunblock is the same exact shit, though I personally think that formula is too greasy and go with the age shield sunblock.


neutrogena = awesome sunblock

last summer i got a heat rash (icky!) from using kroger brand crapola sunblock in unbelievable, stifling, humid conditions. the dermatologist i went to told me to never use anything but the neutrogena stuff, as it works wonders and doesn't have any of the bad stuff in it. after a full summer of use last year, i can very confidently agree with his assessment. yay!