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how did it take me this long to discover the joys of photobooth?

popphotostrip.jpg pencilphotostrip.jpg comicphotostrip.jpg

(inspired by the antics of zulkey [#])

really. I swear I'm done with this toy now. Or at least until my eyes readjust to seeing the world in normal colors again.


what's this now
p.s. I love your layout
thanks! it's mostly just the cute japanese fox with my own header image.
oh, you are!
i have now linked to your post since i realized that it wasn't top secret.
I donut think my Powerbook has a camera hidden in it. If it does, I am totally unaware of it.
I think they started installing them in the screens once they started calling the laptops macbooks. the iMacs have them, too.

the video quality is pretty amazing for just a little square above the lcd.
woah wait! is there a way to set them up in the 4 photo strip like traditional photobooth pics in the photobooth program? Or did you make that yourself in photoshop?
I had to do that myself in photoshop, but it was pretty easy. Just set up a few guides and a big canvas.
i am pretty retarded at photoshop so i don't know what that means haha
I just pasted them into one big new file (31 x 10 @ 72 dpi). Because I was feeling compulsive I added guides so that the four pictures would be equally spaced and in line (go to View > New Guide ... )

Apple should just come up with a way to do it. Actually, I'll bet that you could do it pretty easily with Comic Life.
OOooh! Totally cool.