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fearing wasting unlimited SMS

dodgeball's founders just quit google [youngmanhattanite / flickr]. good for them, i guess, but now how am I supposed to know when the people I'm sitting with are at the same bar?


don't worry, harryh is still gonna run it.
what a relief.

except harryh says : "while I'm still the go to guy for the site, I have largely moved on to other projects at Google."
well it's still gonna run! it's just not going to get promoted... but really, google didn't promote it much anyway. WE do a much better job.
i had to turn off my dodgeball messages, because it was always the same three/four people messaging from the same places. you guys give my phone a workout!
sorry! it probably only seems funny when you're one of the people at the bar checking in with the other four people at the same place. but without doing that, how else to end up on the list of top dodgeball users?
no apology necessary. it was kind of funny.


You could ask for their phone numbers, then text them.
That witty anonymous comment was from me.