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this week in g-d, or keeping the bases covered

attempt #1

what a holy week! last night at happy hour, easter egg dyeing extragaganza. (a few more [flickr])

I'm all for the incredible edible egg, but when people started eating the hard boiled eggs toward the end of the my night, I thought that I was going to be sick.


I ate two eggs last night and I felt so gross about it this morning. Also I bit into one with the shell on just to see what it felt like. It felt weird.
when you and lele started peeling eggs I thought you were just going to pretend to eat them. then you actually did and I almost died.
i ate like 4 of those. i feel nasty.

also, someone brought 6 uncooked eggs. really. who dyes raw eggs? gross.

we threw some of them out the window to see if anything cool would happen. it didn't.
four eggs! you're practically on your way to cool hand luke territory.

did you throw the hard-boiled eggs? i imagine that the raw ones might have given a more spectacular result, but would have been more likely to get you in trouble.

can you even dye raw eggs? if so, that would be a pretty good/bad prank.
it just seemed really gross to be eating eggs at eleven o'clock at night after substantial drinking activities. the smell alone nearly had me on the floor. I can't imagine actually ingesting them.

maybe your mom wants you to invite yourself? it's kind of cute that she dyes them at all, isn't it?
I too thought the egg eating was a poor decision. Ew. But you've had dog hair and pure hot pepper juice so I don't think you can throw the first Easter egg. :)

agreed, but.

honestly, Laddie's hair smelled better than those eggs.

Re: agreed, but.

it's true.
I've become a person who can only eat organic hard-boiled eggs. Regular hard boiled eggs? I'd rather die.

Actually I can pretty much only have organic eggs period, although I have always had a tenuous relationship with eggs.
I brought the one I shellacked with muppet stickers to school today (a starving teacher will eat anything) and one of my students incurred the ridicule of his peers by blurting, "You can't eat Easter eggs until AFTER the Easter bunny leaves them for you!!!" He is 14. I think he was serious.
o.k. I am just cleaning my inbox, but I'm very confused. Not only does this fourteen-year-old believe in the Easter Bunny, he thinks that E.B. brings eggs? Obvs, you supply the eggs, the rabbit just hides them around the house! I worry for the youth of America.


Well, maybe they just haven't gotten to that part in their biology textbooks.

The same kid asked Korby, right after his big Highline High School (well, Rm. 254, anyway) musical debut, if he knew any songs about sitting on a porch in the Bayou, drinking and shooting alligators. ????
yeah. I guess then they'll learn that it's the Cadbury bunny that lays eggs, not the Easter Bunny.
I hope that's on the WASL. Otherwise, it would be a big waste of time and money.