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recent obsession

cliché, I know, but ...
Peter, Bjorn, & John -- "Objects of My Affection" [mp3]


The whistly song got most of the attention, but I love how they sometimes just crush a whole bunch of words together instead of trying to make them fit the music in the one that I posted.
God, are they cliché already? That didn't take long.
I don't know. I just assumed that the existence of http://www.stoppeterbjornandjohn.blogspot.com/ meant something
They're okay, but def not my favorite Swedes.
who are your favorite? Lo Fi Fnk?


are you going to their show next month? I just got an email from neumos today saying that the first show was sold out but they added another...but it is at 5:30pm!!!! But I want to see them.
that last comment was me, but I guess I wasn't logged in. :/
wow. they're sold out already? I wanted to go.
Clirad is more like it.
agreed. everyone liking pb&j shouldn't count against them.
Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one obsessed. Seth has been teasing me that I might as well erase everything else off my iPod. I think Stephen Malkmus might have to give way to this song as my journal theme?
for a while I was just listening to a playlist of "Object of My Affection", "Paris 2004" and one other one. Somehow, posting songs to livejournal seems to help break the obsession a little bit.
"Objects of My Affection," "Young Folks," "Amsterdam," and "Paris 2004" is my playlist. I don't know how it's possible that those songs can still make me feel tingly after so many listens.