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dead cat blues?

During Rachel's annual Seder last night, I realized that it's the only religious ceremony that I've engaged in with any regularity for a long time. Maybe ever? It's been five years now. I keep coming back for the wine. Of course, my outstanding middle school bible character report was about Moses; so I'm pretty fond of the whole Exodus story.1

Rather than venturing to Neumo's after getting back home, I watched Mutual Appreciation 2 and was shocked by how much I liked it. Aside from maybe being a few minutes too long, I feel like it was almost perfect.


Returning to the office today after a haircut, I was slowly driven crazy by an overwhelming need to go home and rinse all of the little hair scraps off of my head. So called it an early day, then ventured out to Ballard for trivia. Somehow more and more people kept showing up, putting us over the legal team size, and attracting angry glances from competitors 3

1. Don't worry: we balanced out the Christianity with another section in which we dressed up as characters from Greek mythology. Which is why I know so much about Poseidon.

2. Despite several attempts, I never managed to rent Funny Ha Ha last year.

3. and/or paranoia on my part. As if we were going to win anyway.


I have absolutely no memory of doing bible character reports! I very much remember my report on Persephone, dressing up in togas and sitting in a huge circle, and I remember dressing up for book reports, and all that Narnia nonsense, but the concept of bible reports doesn't ring any bells. Are you sure you aren't making this up? How weird that I've completely blocked this from my mind.
bible report was a direct corollary to greek god report (write a report, in-class presentation), but maybe without the concluding toga party in which certain classmates nearly fell out of their sheets? i wonder if you were off on a family adventure during this formative educational experience?
I completely remember the bible character reports, because I reported on Joseph. I picked him b/c I was fond of one of his famous namesakes - Joseph McIntyre, of the New Kids on the Block.

But without your help I wouldn't have EVER remembered that we even did that.

How I loved dressing up like the Muses and standing in a different spot when I was 'playing' all 9 of them.
Ok, I still have absolutely no memory of this. I don't feel like I know any bible stories well enough to have done a report on one. But I must have been there, cause we didn't start the family adventures until I was in high school. I'm so confused about not remembering this! Maybe mine was so awful that I completely repressed it.

And Jenna, that is awesome that you picked Joseph because of Joey. Awesome.
Greek God Report really played in to your multiple identity issues in middle school, didn't it?
I hated Funny Ha Ha and loved Mutual Appreciation. I think the director could benefit from some lighting instead of relying on natural and the lights already in the room.
The four cups of wine is really a great marketing tool--I think the Jewish community's whole youth retention problem would be solved if only more things involved forced drinking.
just about every jewish holiday (save yom kippur, natch) revolves around copious drinking. it's only passover where it's codified :)


As an insider, I am happy to report that, during the past 8 weeks, various students of mine have learned that
1)Poseidon's hair was neon blue
2)Athena was born when she sprang from a tumor on the side of Zeus' head
3)Mary Magdalene "was a hooker who followed the disciples around"
4)Abraham got it on with his wife's servant when his own wife didn't give him a son soon enough

There you have it; Bible stories AND greek gods, 9th and 10th grade Humanites, Highline High School.