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dead cat blues?

During Rachel's annual Seder last night, I realized that it's the only religious ceremony that I've engaged in with any regularity for a long time. Maybe ever? It's been five years now. I keep coming back for the wine. Of course, my outstanding middle school bible character report was about Moses; so I'm pretty fond of the whole Exodus story.1

Rather than venturing to Neumo's after getting back home, I watched Mutual Appreciation 2 and was shocked by how much I liked it. Aside from maybe being a few minutes too long, I feel like it was almost perfect.


Returning to the office today after a haircut, I was slowly driven crazy by an overwhelming need to go home and rinse all of the little hair scraps off of my head. So called it an early day, then ventured out to Ballard for trivia. Somehow more and more people kept showing up, putting us over the legal team size, and attracting angry glances from competitors 3

1. Don't worry: we balanced out the Christianity with another section in which we dressed up as characters from Greek mythology. Which is why I know so much about Poseidon.

2. Despite several attempts, I never managed to rent Funny Ha Ha last year.

3. and/or paranoia on my part. As if we were going to win anyway.

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