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I had to run up to campus because today was the expiration day of all of the wonderful little socialist benefits of being a student. My goal was to fend this off with a few checks, but it turns out that intervention from a higher (administrative) power is required. So before collecting my things from the IMA, I visited the pool to filled my ears with water as a little souvenir.

I still need to decide whether I should buy into a real person gym. There's a shiny one near my office, but I've heard that it's expensive and kind of questionable.

I was thinking about going to this party that I was evited to tonight. Then I took a closer look at the evitation and realized that maybe they're serious about "cocktail party" attire and maybe there are some short stories in old issues of the New Yorker by Miranda July and David Foster Wallace that I've really been meaning to read. Not to mention finishing that goddamn Dave Eggers novel.


Riding the bus home, I noticed a man without any apparent tree surgery tools trying to repair a broken sapling on the sidewalk.

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