josh (joshc) wrote,

the fuzzy hobo suit

i don't know what kind of flower this is. i do know how cliche it is to post pictures of flowers just because it's spring, but the burned edges kind of fit with the post, no? so goddamn emo.

Walking home from Neumo's after the Apples in Stereo show (a few fun songs, but a couple momentum-stoppers, too), everything smelled overwhelmingly springlike.Which reminded me of how I was told that chemotherapy smells like roses and burning. Last week, everything was coming into bloom, but it was horrible. The contrast between the blossoming trees and the cold rainy weather approached unbearable, much worse than the real winter where the lack of color and daylight provide necessary context.

Earlier, at McLeod happy hour, I was trying to make up for not carving up a grapefruit for dinner by trying to invent grapefruit-based drinks on the fly. I also wore the fuzzy heart-adorned suit [flickr] for a few minutes and was tasked with hugging people. I did so carefully because my sternum is still store from Tuesday night's extreme embrace.

I handed it off fairly quickly, both for that reason and because it was extremely warm. After several weeks absence, Kelly Clarkson returned to the stereo system and much silliness ensued. A dance off, too.

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