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weekend items

lately, whenever I talk to new people I find myself looking into their eyes and thinking _what is it you want from me_ and _i doubt i can give it to you_
sunday brunch: taking pills and mellowing out vs. drinking tea and mimosas? Two notables sightings, something hilarious about tattooed wrestler masks, one cowgirl taco, discussions of the sexier time that justin timberlake is planning to take us back to and cowboy rags, and a visit to american apparel to look at all of the hoodies and the new line of mismatched scrapwear. Then napping through two halves of the NCAA tournament, waking up in time to see Georgetown's huge turnaround.

Other weekend activity: grocery shopping in the rain, stocking up on Cadbury Creme Eggs like a crazy person, moreso after finding a box of the orange ones at the checkout line. Eating nutella crepe, watching the Lives of Others, peanuts and beer at the Redwood, omgwtf the Battlestar Galactica finale.


yall were all a bunch of anna nicoles yesterday
in honor of her autopsy results becoming public?
My mom gave me 12 cadbury creme eggs this week, I'm so set! I like them frozen.
I immediately put several boxes of them into the freezer. They do hold up remarkably well.
i wish i had a weekend like that! awesome!

except for the part about chocolate, gross.
no chocolate? where's your easter spirit?


AND no wonder you didn't like the pepperinfusedcremedecacaocombination.
i don't dig sweets. it's kind of awesome and kind of really annoying because people think that if they give you chocolate then everythig is right with the world. for me, the world is still clearly not paying attention.
It's the R.E.I. flagship store. The clouds over the sound and the Olympic mountains were looking especially weird after a long day of rain.

Have you tried the orange creme eggs? They're kind of a flavor revelation -- different enough from the regular ones, but still true to the original vision.

By mini eggs, do you mean the mini creme eggs? I think those are awful and sort of highlight what's wrong with this year's crop: by making them smaller (to cut calories?), the chocolate to creme ratio is a little off. But if you mean the candy coated little chocolate eggs? Those are a classic.

btw, were you happy about georgetown or are you over it?
oh, that nutella crepe was aces. it also had bananas and cinnamon. and a little whipped cream. it was also dinner.
you had a nutella crepe without me??? you had peanuts and beer without me??? or wait, was i there? too many pills. hmm.

i can't believe i made you laugh so hard that you cried. i can't even remember exactly what that was about... something about a police line-up and a turquoise tattooed face mask..? hee. sunday linda's brunch is my favorite.
according to the dodgeball, you were drinking somewhere else during those episodes.


yes. the laughter was about the police line-up. i kept thinking about how they'd have to make everyone else paint their faces with matching tattoos to make it fair. or how the others would wear real masks next to tattoo masks. and it would be hilarious.
What did you think of The Lives of Others?
I thought that it was excellent. Had I seen it in 2006, it probably would have ended up near the top of my list of favorites.
I thought it was excellent as well. I had read reviews that said the ending was kinda happy and I was all, Uh, having your girlfriend kill herself in front of you is not my idea of a happy ending. What do I know, though. Still. Very good and very interesting.
I agree. I thought that the ending was just the right level of happy without being grossly sentimental. I was so worried that they'd ruin the moment where Dreyman spots Wiesler delivering the mail with some sort of gooey meeting.

I was fascinated that after reunification people could just go in, look at their files, and find out who was in charge of spying on them. I guess now we have 'blogs for that.
Har! Except the blogs don't tell you who was spying on you and who was collecting the seat cover you just sat on. THAT was yucky. Also, finding out that your beloved girlfriend betrayed you--well, that's a pretty major blow. Meeting the guy who "saved" you wouldn't make up for that. There's a documentary about the Stasi that came out in NY at about the same time. Did you see that?