josh (joshc) wrote,

freelance lifecoaching

mount eerie
I think we have a new theme for happy hour. Or a theme revisited. It is called spicy. Tonight, it came in the form of pepper-infused vodka [flickr] as a base for the most wonderfully painful dirty martini ever passed around to share the delightful agony. And then, reborn in a bloody mary cocktail [flickr], it again set mouths aflame, often stealthily with its kick returning to the back of the throat a half-minute after drinking. The mildly painful exhilaration is akin to a goodnatured slapfight.

At Shorty's hot dog hour, there was a lot of complicated talk of alternate realities, complicated number theory, and textual games. But I saw Mount Eerie las night; so I kept repeating over and over "you win, you win." [mp3]
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