josh (joshc) wrote,

lock and load

At a birthday party in Ballard, I played a videogame about shooting moose (double bull!) with plastic rifles and a couple rounds of Skee Ball (high score, 270). The downside to Skee Ball was that it didn't issue tickets, which seems contrary to the very nature of the game. It was at King's Hardware; so it would be awesome if you were able to save up enough redeem for one of the many taxedermized animal parts that contribute to their upper-midwestern decoration scheme.

During the party, inspired by an episode of Arrested Development, I started tapping glasses together and got everyone to chant "speech, speech" until Betsy eventually stood up to say something. After all, it was her party.

The jukebox played Neon Bible top to bottom, and along the way I realized that it might be a really good album.
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