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cautionary tale

installation 1

A key danger of not having specific plans for your Sunday is that brunch can turn into ten hours of solid eating, drinking, and walking around Capitol Hill looking for more places to drink and eat.


Last night was a field trip to the east side to gorge on mediterranean food followed by a walk to the mall to eat ice cream. It was my first visit to Bellevue Square, which was overwhelming.


On Friday, lower Queen Anne for Indian food, a screening of La Strada, and drinks at the cute little bar next to On the Boards. I can sort of appreciate how the movie was groundbreaking or important, but it was also kind of dull. 8 1/2 is a thousand times better.



woe is me.

at least i got a lot of sleep last night.
I can't believe you'd never been to Bellevue Square before. Are you sure? I could have sworn I made you go there with me at least once.
I'm pretty sure. I don't remember ever being there before, but it's possible.

Yeah, I like 8 1/2 a lot better than La Strada. La Dolce Vita is always my favorite though.
yep. Roti.

I haven't seen la Dolce Vita yet.


I love Roti, it's my favorite Indian place in Seattle. They have an awesome buffet during the week too. Although there was this weird incident where the owner's wife started telling me, for no apparent reason, how lesbians freak her out. But anyway.
Oh I'm a dork! That was me.


i've loved La Strada since i was little, but i took some friends to see the Thursday night show last week & realized it could easily come off as overly simplistic. but it was only this time that made me fully appreciate how good Anthony Quinn was. are you going to see any other movies at the film festival? i'm definitely seeing Fanny & Alexander this Sunday - it's one of my all-time favorites. -jasmine.