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Mat Brooke on Carissa's Wierd, whose music I never really found all that depressing:
"Carissa's Wierd was a strange thing. We were very depressing music. We never really went anywhere. It was a really strange underground thing. I like that people still hang onto a band that never went anywhere. It's cute. Not to belittle it, but 'cute' would be the word I would use." [thestranger]

His new band, Archives [myspace] plays on Wednesday at Neumo's.

in a bit of deeply frustrating calendaring, wednesday is also the day that mount eerie plays at atlas and under byen plays chop suey.


that link doesn't go to the myspace..
I am still hanging onto Carissa's Wierd!!!! I love them. I find them very depressing though. Have you heard Archives? Any good? I can't listen to music on my computer at work (no sound card).
i like those two songs a lot. the song structure of "sleepdriving" is reminiscent of the delicate side of band of horses, especially "st. augustine" (surprise). it's not nearly as quiet as carissa's, but archives does use overlapping harmonies... which makes me nostalgic for jenn's voice in the mix :)

the slow build & slight release at the end of both songs shares a lot in common with the new aereogramme. i can see what mat was talking about when they tried to start with a 70's pop sound, but it's definitely more hazy in the finish.
Under Byen have never toured the US before. You can catch the other bands whenever, but don't miss this show! I saw Under Byen in Denmark last December, going to SF to see them Monday. They are truly amazing and unique.
whatever happened to jenn ghetto..
She's been playing quite a few shows as S lately.


ME or UB

Yeah, don't miss Under Byen. Mount Eeriee (which is superb too) will most likely come again soon. Under Byen is much rarer stateside. Amazing band.

Re: ME or UB

mount eerie doesn't come to Seattle nearly as often as I'd like. I missed one of his/their shows last month already.