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look good on the dance floor

hey seattle: arctic monkeys are coming to town on 3 may and there's a presale happening right now [theriotvan].

fantastically annoying ticketmaster fees apply.


i almost never ever see major label bands and therefore never go to large venues or have to deal with ticketmaster. last week we bought tickets for regina spektor and ended up paying an additional THIRD of the ticket price in fees. this shit is baffling.

i'm so glad the biggest venue i ever see shows at normally is the showbox. i've forgotten how awful ticketmaster is.
unfortunately, the showbox is now a ticketmaster venue.

but you know what? that probably just means that none of the bands i want to see will ever play there. so it really won't make that much of a difference.

i love being an indie snob.
guess I'm not snobby enough. that same week they also have LCD soundsystem and Andrew Bird.
we tried to see andrew bird at chop suey a while back, but it was sold out. no big loss, i hear the show wasn't all that fantastic anyway.
whoever told you that was just being nice. I thought it was amazing (but it was my first Andrew Bird experience and I'm easily entertained by looping pedals and expert whistling).
damn! i knew it!

i'm not paying ticketmaster to see him though. no way no how!
you can always buy them at the box office, but they also add a couple dollars for the privilege.
i was at that show, too!

i wish andrew bird would just hurry up and marry me already.

loveloveloooove him.
are you going to his show at the showbox? i think that you should. we could hold up a "marry me andrew bird" sign so that you can attract his attention.

Your purpose:

Please continue to keep me updated on interesting social opportunities or Threadless sales I would otherwise miss.

(Oh! And! Congratulations on your successful defense! Excuse me while I eat my own fist in an effort to curb my jealousy.)

Re: Your purpose:

I'll do my best. Somehow I lost the password to the address where I used to get threadless mailings. I need to change that asap.

Do you get a kickback from a referral link to Threadless? I think you should.
yeah. they give a little bit of store credit for every referral.