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Power's out

A chunk of capitol hill from 15th down toward Broadway is in the dark. Police are directing traffic by the Safeway and Group Health.

My apartment seems to be just inside the border of powerlessness.

Luckily, I have a candle, a charged phone and ipod, an unread book, and an inclinatation to sleep soon, to tough it out until morning.


Melrose Ave. E. to Denny all the way up to Broadway was out earlier. Do you know what happened? Broadway seemed fine. Power is back! yay
No idea. The apartments just a block north and some a block east have power. Hope its temporary.
It's so strange. From what it looks like, my building is the only one on the block to have power. It's dark everywhere else near 13th and 14th and Harrison.
Poop, I wanted to go to Remedy this afternoon. How am I supposed to make tea at home??
no worries. the power seems to be back on.