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Going to happy hour at the District on Friday, I imagined that it would be easy to find a Mariners shirt at either the sporting goods store or one of the nearby used clothing places in the neighborhood. Earlier in the day I received a text message saying that I was slated to be the Mariner Moose for the Seattle Notables party. This was my reward for putting my costume decisions in someone else's hands. Plus, I've seen a few Flaming Lips shows and all of the people onstage in furry costumes always appear to be having a bang-up time. Not to mention that Vanity Fair article.1

When the only available shirt turned out to be several sizes larger than the garment I wore to the last theme event, I remembered the joy of Value Village. There, I found something for a tenth of the price, with the downside that I was mildly allergic to it and didn't have time to wash it. At the party I learned that I'm unlikely to make a career of mascotting or in furrydom. Wearing the giant moose head for more than a couple of minutes was a major effort, mostly because I couldn't see anything through the poorly aligned mesh eyes. At one point, I did manage to make it back from the convenience store, up the stairs, and back to the bar with a couple of bags of ice. The cashier must have feared that he was being robbed when a guy in a moose head and a girl in a Link2 showed up to raid their freezer.

Among the major highlights of the party3 was a lot of dancing stupidly and working the desk to see Slats the Original Hipster's arrival and subsequent getting freaked out by multiple doppelgangers. But really the most amazing part was how the first thing that he did upon successfully climbing the staircase was to immediately grab a cold piece of fried chicken4 that had been abandoned at the top of the steps. Like most of the other non-McLeod notables who came to the party, he did not arrive in costume.


I slept through the entire Saturday morning. That night, I met Carolyn and David at Sun Liquor, where they have a whole lot of rum-based beverages. Even though I know that most rum is not of the spiced variety, it is difficult to shake certain associations. They were pretty stoked about the calculations of the impending NCAA tournament selection; I was merely thrilled when they assured me that Michigan State would at least get a spot.

After having drinks, Carolyn and I went downtown to watch Zodiac. I marked it as just on the border of "worth consuming" [#], but maybe it's better than I thought it was.


I was sad about being hungry with an empty refrigerator on Sunday morning, but then I got a dodgeball about impending brunch at Linda's. Quickly making myself presentable, I walked down the street and managed to get drenched in the dense "Pineapple Express" mist while covering the short distance. We ended up encamped in our booth for several hours and several pitchers of mimosas. By the time I extracted myself, it was time for a long afternoon nap.

I faced the slightly milder weather later than night when it was time to go to the Showbox to see Bright Eyes, which is no longer a band predominantly for angsty emo teenagers. Still, I like him [/them] a lot.

1. "Pleasures of the Fur" [pressedfur]a
a. omj
2. the Zelda Hunter, although the store owner interpreted it as an early St. Patrick's day costume.

3. other than learning that I'm not suited for the furry lifestyle, that is.

4. from Sedea's "Trainwreck" costume.


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