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dissertation scrapbook

at the afterparty, making pictures on the photobooth.

Dr. Josh!, originally uploaded by ginger lee.

samantha's stealthy picture of me pre-talk, stalling for time while waiting for a late committee member to arrive.

my advisor makes a rare visit to belltown and worries that he'll end up on youtube.

Cake for Dr. Bis, originally uploaded by &y.

carolyn made this cake for the party. gummy heart on top, and red velvety color inside to reflect the cardiovascular theme.


you're usually happy, but i think last night i saw you happier than i'd ever see you before. must be all that stress was holding you back from your true (since u been gone dancin') self.
still, I'm not sure that we need to add "Rockefeller Skank" to the "Since U Been Gone"-"Total Eclipse of the Heart"-"Hungry Like the Wolf" trifecta.
no, of course not. my ipod will make sure of it.
hey. congratulations!
That first shot reminds me of the orgy scene from Garden State when they play Zero 7's "In the Waiting Line."

What exactly are you getting/did you get your doctorate in?
that may have been our unspoken inspiration, except less dance music and orgy action.

my degree is in epidemiology, with a specialization in webcamwhoring.
yay! congratulations!


That second picture (stalling for time) completely makes you look all, well, OLD - and, doctorly, and professorly. It's a good thing, it's just hard to swallow - coming from someone who knew you back when you enjoyed several sessions of the "mall game" during the insufferable middle school recess.

But again, CONGRATS!