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i am not a stuffed tiger.

tick tock

So, I'll be giving a talk about my dissertation at 10 am today (Thursday). Feel free to stop by room 1301 of Met Park East on your coffee break for all sorts of powerpoint excitement. Or drop in at McLeod Residence that night. Fewer slides, more drinks, less anxiety.

update: mission accomplished.


i'm totally showing up for that! I have a meeting at Met Park (north) at 10:30, so don't be pissed if I leave early.
were you there? we started late due to absentminded committee member anyway...
sorry, no. i barely made it to the 10:30, because of a few firedrills in here today.
Don't be anxious, I know you will do great. See you soon!
tried to minimize the anxiety, thanks for coming!
It was fun, and you were so amazingly great! Congratulations a million times--I had to run off to a lunch this morning, but hopefully we'll cross paths tonight anyway.
good luck! is anyone going to be recording this by chance? i'd go but i'm stuck at work.
thanks! no recordings, but that's probably for the best.
good luck!
thanks! the good lucking must have helped. made it out alive and with more letters after my name!
How did it go?

Can you give us a 10 minute version of your dissertation at McLeod tonight? I think that would be a very good idea.
I think it went pretty well! I made it out alive and with a new degree.

Maybe I'll bring along one of the handouts for happy hour tonight, no powerpoint though.

yaaay, josh! see you tonight :)

we will celebrate by drinking champagne and taking pictures on the floor.
awesome. thanks! after missing last week's happy hour, i'm worried that the floor has forgotten all about me.
I hope it went swell, josh. cheers!
it went pretty well! no visible wounds and some extra letters fo my name. thanks!
Do you really give your talk and then that's it? Automatically you have your degree? That seems so crazy. Are you going to walk in the UW graduation? They actually READ YOUR NAME if you get a PhD.
that's it.

I thought about going to the real graduation, wearing the hideous purple costume, and having my name read to the stadium of impatient fans, but I just realized that the ceremony occurs when I was planning to be on tour in Europe.

Hooray and Congratulations

No more classes, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks.

jealous, but you deserve it

How'd it go? I hope it went well. Do you have many revisions to make? I'm so excited to call you Dr. Josh!
has the day finally come? or is this a joke? no really, I hope it went well. and congratulations on almost nearly gonna real soon graduating.
shockingly, it was the real deal. unexpected by most, particularly me.


what now?
more of the same.