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blue screen of death

dear iBook,

Might you have chosen to postpone your catastrophic death spiral until later this month? While I appreciate that you were willing to come up for air long and often enough for me to rescue some highly important files, holding off on your dramatic failure would have been even nicer.

your replacement is thinner and prettier anyway,

/ j


how old was your computer?
at least five years, maybe a little older?
that's a good lifespan
yeah. it's just bad timing! but that's why I don't think I'll try very hard to have it repaired. It seems like a logic board problem, which is nearly as expensive as a whole new computer.
Yeah. I'm looking into getting a MacBook myself, I just don't want it to have a short lifespan :/
I was going to say, that's an ooooold iBook, back before the days of sans-serif logos.
such quaint serifs!
Josh! My PowerBook died last night! I think your iBook gave it the digital clap or something.
that's actually kind of pretty looking.
it's this picture when the logic board breaks:

My iBook is 4 1/2 years old, and every time I turn it on I fear something like this. I'm really hoping it will survive until Jason has graduated, but I think 6+ years might be pushing it. Still, crossing my fingers.

Nice that it looks pretty even while dying...although obviously not as pretty as a new one!


OMG Josh. I am so sorry. Are you okay? Are you hanging in there? I would . . . I dunno. Jump off a cliff or something. OMG. I need to back up RIGHT NOW!!!

I'm thinking of you this week . . .