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montages and shadow sculptures, oh my

I missed Mount Eerie tonight because the Oscars had far too many unexplained montages. But I did take home several prizes --- tater tot pencil toppers and an adjustable party mustache! --- for my ability to predict the winners.

Although I was a little disappointed that Little Miss Sunshine didn't win, I was very happy that it wasn't beaten by Babel. Of all of my incorrect guesses, I was most surprised by Children of Mennot taking either cinematography (or editing), but what do I know anyway?


Mount Eerie is beautiful. But, c'mon.

Yeah, how'd you like them interpretive dancers?

Are you really disappointed that those movies didn't win anything? Honestly, the Academy Awards are what my friend Eric calls 'a Hollywood Reach-Around', & I agree with him. They all pat each other on the backs to keep themselves involved, & unfortunately, a lot of small, pathetic social circles in cities liken themselves to Hollywood society. Wouldn't it be radical if we all just made fun of it & formed individual opinions & awards never happened? Did you really like Little Miss Sunshine, or did you like it more than the other movies?

By the way, I, independently of anything, am giving you an award for being fun & polite. But I want you try harder for the forming your opinion more often award from me because I know you're capable. It's just fucking bubbling/fermenting below the surface. I just know it. Bust some shit OUT.